Loitering make people afraid How Will I Say this?

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Greatest novelty in How Shall I Say this autumn, the three loitering. This week hunt they first, two speech therapists, the convulsions in the body, to them afterwards to thank in the name of a stammering woman. The zangjongeren are new on tv. Adnane (23) from Sint-Agatha-Berchem is an actor, dancer and theatre director. Ersin (23) from Zellik is an actor and is in his last year of marketing. Ilias (21) from Halle, is a singer, studying tourism and organization management and follows a training of real estate. The first has Moroccan roots, the second Turkish-Albanian, the third is Italian-Moroccan. “But we are all three Belgian”, they say in The Newspaper. “It’s not easy what we do: during the play we see that she is a little afraid of us. Now, take that teacher from the first episode. That was a head taller, and yet I had to scare you. That man was literally with my back against the wall, he found it really not fine. Afterwards, he told me why: he was once surprised by a few of those young people.”

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