Lilly Becker: “I am Boris thankful”

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Lilly and Boris Becker

In the introductory film is to see how Lilly with eyes full of tears, she tells them that the most important person of her life is lost. “2018 was the worst year of my 42 years of existence. Boris and I are not even friends anymore, because he got me incredibly disappointed. It is extra heavy, because everything that happens is public. Of course, I’m a public figure married, so it belongs there, I think. I am ashamed that it has not succeeded in everything to be kept private. We have both made mistakes.” Live in the studio to talk further about the impact of the separation. “We see each other only when he is Amadeus picks up. And that is enough.”

Love letter

Günther confronts her with that it was only a year ago that Boris was with him and everything was good between the couple. The former tennis player had even a love letter from Lilly. “Everything in that letter is, until the day of today where. I am Boris thankful for the life he gave me, for Amadeus. The situation where we now sit, has nothing to do with that letter. It’s not about money. It comes to honesty, respect and trust. If that is missing, the relationship is no longer useful.”

About the divorce itself would Lilly not have too much to lose. “The important thing is that the future of Amadeus is arranged well. It does not go to Boris or me. It comes to the joint custody. He allowed his son to see when he wants to. Amadeus loves his father, and he loves him.” It is according to Lilly ’completely ruled out’ that the two ever come together. “Unfortunately that is no more. Too much has happened. I don’t want to, he also not and that’s fine. It is really over between us.”

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