Kristof Calvo’s colleagues are sick and tired of: “Get your licence”

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You know it or not: Federal member of parliament and Green party leader Kristof Calvo, has no driving license. He tries as much as possible to make use of public transport, but if he is on hard-to-reach places, he appealed to his colleagues, “which is actually not our job.”

Colleague Pieter-Jan is persmedewerker in Green and quite often Calvo’s driver. “Kristof has his driver’s licence never met, as far as I know, he has never even behind a steering wheel sitting.” Pieter-Jan is the situation a little tired and also has a press release for Kristof: “Get your license!”. How he deliver the message in a not so subtle way of trying to convey, you can see in the third episode of How Shall I Say? on Monday, december 3.

Very few things are as strong as the bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren. That is when the 24-year-old Savannah and her “bommi”, Diana is no different. More still: “If I say that they are the world means to me, is that still too small”. Savannah has not a very nice childhood. She was adopted by her grandmother when her mom didn’t could take care for her, and with her father went wrong. She wants her “bommi” would like to thank you for everything she has done, and enable them, Jens Dendoncker. Since the death of her husband, there is still only one man in the life of Diana: Elvis Presley, her absolute idol. So there is only one person that the message of Savannah proper can convey: the king himself. In the Lotto Arena.

The zangjongeren are again of the party in this third installment. They hunt speech-language pathologists Gert and Carolien, the convulsions in the body, and then to change in three purebred English to them in the name of storreraarster Sophie Peeters (not to be confused with the showrunner of, How Shall I Say It?) thank.

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