Koeman happy with euphoria around Orange

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Bondsocach Ronald Koeman

That stadium offers seats 30,000 spectators. The question is whether that is enough to all interested fans to be accommodated. “But I’m not the right person to take on the capacity of the stadium to talk to, my job is Orange coaching. The UEFA is preparing everything as good as possible.”

Thanks to the duels in the Nations League, with the top countries, France and Germany, Orange, according to Koeman this year can develop. “We have Orange two big tournaments in a row missed and our league is not the strongest of Europe.”

“So it is good that PSV and Ajax will join the Champions League, that is for the development of our young players very well. Which experiences do they need to be the Dutch national team better. The biggest compliment for the boys is that the people in the Netherlands again with pride of the national team talking.”

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