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King does not go to opening AfricaMuseum

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King Filip remains absent from the reopening of the africa museum on 8 december.

The king traditionally goes not to the openings – otherwise, he would there are calendar can fill – but the notion lived on the Palace that this is a special case.

Still, he is blind. The work on the new museum is not yet completed, it is not yet clear what is and is not ready. It is also still unclear, according to the Palace, the speech will give.

King Philippe will visit shun to a museum which the debate has not finished yet. “It is a beautiful museum. Maybe it will be the king of the later visits, it sounds on the Palace.

The museum was built in the honour of Leopold II. But it has a transformation to undergo. The africa museum 2.0 look with a much more critical look at that colonial past and also has more of an eye for the dark side of it.

If king Filip at the opening would be present, then would he also with the criticism of his predecessor, Leopold II, to be confronted. Not only in the museum, but also in the speeches.

The opening is a delicate balancing act. Our country can not afford to than the criticism of that colonial past, road to muffle. The tone with which the museum opens, will be globally the image colors of how Belgium is today looking back to that period.

The international then taken is huge. In total three hundred journalists registered. Journalists from The Economist, Financial Times, Der Spiegel, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have been all along. On 5 december are three press conferences planned, in the Dutch, French and English.

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