Julia Roberts gets breasts of Ellen DeGeneres

0e4f3cbccf320034c1d8b6d75a5382ef - Julia Roberts gets breasts of Ellen DeGeneres

Julia Roberts is now on Instagram and is also positively surprised if they are from the Ellen DeGeneres hear that she already has three million followers. The talkshowhost, however, makes it clear that that number for someone of her status is very low. Ellen itself, for example, has 60 million followers.

DeGeneres has also come up with a plan to make Julia Roberts more popular. “Should I have a nude photo?”, ask the actress herself? “Finally!”, laughs Ellen. For now she has, however, a very different plan. Julia is decorated with a few huge nepborsten in a tiny bikini to the hugely popular Kardashian-look.

But also food is always very good on Instagram. And so retrieves Ellen none other than Martha Stewart with a huge cake. To the hysteria, is an old picture of Julia is shown under the guise of Throwback Thursday. Later also adds actor Dermot Mulroney at the company.

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