Joan Collins thinks that fly her sister is

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Joan Collins

“I know it sounds crazy, and I know not if I believe in a life after death,” says the 85-year-old. “But wherever I am, there will be two or three times a week vliegje near me. I think she is.”

Joan emphasized that, despite the many rumours of quarrels between the two sisters, they are very close with Jackie. “Like all sisters we have our problems, that the press is always enlarging. But she was for many years the person closest to me, and because I am the older sister was, and worshipped me in a certain way.”

Jackie was six years before her death, to hear that she had breast cancer, but spent only her daughters at the height of that diagnosis. To Joan, she told only a few weeks before her death how bad she was. “It had her to a lot of battle brought”, told the writer in her last interview. “Joan has been very positive and social, but I don’t know if they are strong enough had it been so I wanted her here, not burden.”

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