Irene Moors and Talpa ’from each other’

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Irene Moors

According to the broadcaster, and the presenter wants to be the last of its ” creativity for multiple clients bets’. Moors, which indicates for thirty years on tv in the fixed service have worked: “In a changed media landscape, you need some movement.”

“In consultation was therefore decided that after the end of February, no new exclusive contract with Talpa Network is established”, explains the broadcaster.

Irene Moors let them know that they have a good time with them. The past three years, presented Irene to ten different titles for SBS6 including the quiz The Perfect Question, the culinary battle you can Argue About Taste, the talent show Winner Searched for and the latenight talk show To Bed with Irene. “I am grateful for the programs that I have allowed to do. It was a beautiful adventure, where I with a lot of fun, looking back.”

Karin de Groot, director of Television of the Talpa Network: “We understand the choice of Irene for a different career path. She is a great and versatile professional who undoubtedly will soon return to surprise with special programs and projects.”

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