How to Trump Europe in twelve minutes on the knees can bring

“Twelve minutes.” Has Trump not necessary to still Us taxes on European cars to enter – possibly even before Christmas. The ceos of VW, Daimler and BMW are going tomorrow on a visit to the White House to avoid that.

1. Why are the bosses of the German autoreuzen Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW tomorrow expected in the White House?

The American president Donald Trump threatens there are still a importtarief of 25 percent …

1. Why are the bosses of the German autoreuzen Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW tomorrow expected in the White House?

The American president Donald Trump threatens there are still a importtarief of 25 percent on all parts and cars from the EU. The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, managed to Trump in July with an unexpectedly successful charm offensive to keep high U.s. import tariffs on European cars. That led to a moratorium – a kind of cease-fire – six-months.

But that moratorium expires soon. Therefore appear the charges levied on European cars there now. According to the German Commissioner Günther Oettinger would that even Christmas can happen, î he said last week. And he is not the only one who is worried. Also at the European Commission, they hold their breath, reports the Financieele Dagblad.

2. Why is Europe afraid that Trump his threat still will run?

Because Trump last week – just before he left for the G20 left – in an interview with The Wall Street Journal the pressure on Europe is striking teenagers. On the question of whether he was planning to at the G20 to speak with Juncker, said Trump: “Maybe. See, he knows what I want. He will probably decide to me to come – that he did the last time. He was nowhere, until I said that his car’s extra would tax. The next morning, he was here for 7 hours on the door.’

Then she asked the journalist of The Wall Street Journal straight: ‘do you plan to continue with the imposition of rates on (European, ed.) cars?’ To which Trump replied, ” If they are not a fair deal want to negotiate with us, then I adjust that in twelve minutes.”

3. Get the German autobonzen also Trump himself?

Probably not. According to the German press agency DPA and the newspaper Handelsblatt meet the bosses of VW, Daimler and perhaps also BMW tomorrow only Willbur Ross, the U.s. secretary of Commerce and trade representative Robert Lighthizer. According to anonymous sources, they would, especially the temperature in the White House want to measure. A real breakthrough is not yet expected, because the German car manufacturers will make it clear that they are not in the name of the European Union can negotiate.

May be they are trying to Trump is more favourable to agree with a few announcements. The top of Volkswagen in the U.S. have yet to decide where in the USA, the German manufacturer of a new factory will open for the construction of electric cars for the American market. Something like that can Trump a good use to get out to pick up his supporters. Also BMW is planning a new factory in the united states.

4. How big is the chance that Europe is the White House on other thoughts can bring?

That is just guess work. The only strategy in the unpredictable Trump seems to work, friendly smile and winning time, the postponement of painful measures to advocate and small compromise, that Trump by his followers as big wins can present.

Juncker did that in July, Xi Jinping this weekend at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires. The reaction of Trump was predictable. “China has agreed with the lowering and abolishing of tariffs for cars China come from the US. Currently the rate is 40 percent’, tweette the American president triumphantly.

Like China, such a rate reduction has already been officially decided. On the contrary, analysts doubt there have always openly that the US and China over the next ninety days a real trade deal will close. This seems to be the gap between the two is still too large. But that hurt Trump. With his triumphant tweet feeds he the perception that the U.S. is at the eastern handelsfront (China) has everything under control. At the same time, he takes the pressure on the western handelsfront – with the EU.

5. How hard will the impact of Us tariffs on European cars?

Very heavy. If Trump is a importtarief of 25 percent enter at all parts and cars imported from the EU, it would be that the euro area next year to 0.4 economic growth can cost. That would, according to a new report from the British bankreus Barclays, amount to a total damage for the European Union of 75 billion dollars.

The damage would, according to Barclays even further increase as also the trade war between the US and China would escalate, making the European economy more under pressure.

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