Hospital must pay compensation after death of baby

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KNOKKE-HEIST – A medical director, anesthesiologist, and the Belgian hospital AZ Zeno in Knokke-Heist by the judge responsible found for the death of baby Jasper. The little boy of eight months and got tubes and was operated on for polyps. During the operation there was a large amount of nitrous oxide instead of oxygen administered.

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The baby was transferred to the hospital in Bruges, but he died a few days later.

The responsible hospital must now pay compensation. The brand new operating room was, according to the prosecutor, early in use. This allowed the pipes with nitrous oxide and oxygen are exchanged. Also reproached the Ministry of the Public hospital, lack of written procedures were in place.

According to the lawyers of the medical centre was of a frivolous policy no question, writes het Nieuwsblad. The directors who were responsible for the infrastructure indicated that they never have given permission to the new operatieruimte in use.

The two anaesthetists insist that they do everything to have done to save the baby. According to their lawyer, the problem would at a ring of honor came to light, but was the installation by the hospital on their own steam already in use.

288.000 euros

Of the six defendants, there are now three guilty by the court and found guilty of unintentional killing, but they get no punishment. The Bruges court has the hospital of Knokke-Heist and is sentenced to a fine of 288.000 euro, of which 96,000 euros with delay.

The director of technical affairs, and the company that the operating unit installed, were acquitted.

According to the Belgian newspaper responded parents Dominique van Simay and Jurgen Cottignie satisfied at the verdict.

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