“Home Alone”star shows fans his new second name

b76b22ac3c49a140d7f139b3aec8df97 - "Home Alone"star shows fans his new second name

Actor Macaulay Culkin leaves again. On his website has the American a poll posted where people have a second name for him.

“My second name is stupid. Larry? Orange? I can’t even remember it”, wrote Culkin on his website. “Therefore, I ask you to give me better options to send so I to the right can explain why I have a cooler second name’s sake.”

Five names are still chances on the identity card of Culkin to appear. The absolute favorite is “Macaulay Culkin”. If that name out as the winner, then the actor will henceforth go through life as “Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin”. The other four options are “Shark Week”, “Cracks” (a suggestion of Culkins brother, Gaps), “TheMcRibIsBack” and “Publicity Stunt”.

You can vote until december 24. “All I want for Christmas is a new middle name”, according to the its deadly serious Culkin, whose real middle name Carson.

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