Green colleagues take Calvo at the nose in a ‘How Will I Say this?’

60473c287d66d0874aa6aceb55e4b787 - Green colleagues take Calvo at the nose in a 'How Will I Say this?'

Federal member of parliament and Green party leader Kristof Calvo still has no driver’s license, and that bothers his colleagues. Who are the tired of him taxi driver to play if he is not hit with the public transport. That they make it clear in the next episode of the VTM programme ‘How Will I Say this?’.

Calvo refuses out of ecological considerations still fundamental to his driver’s license. The 31-year-old federal parliamentarian of Green makes as much as possible, use public transportation, but occasionally he must in places to get that through the public transport impossible to reach. In those cases, he appealed to his colleagues.

Persmedewerker Pieter-Jan, which is to say insanely bored, actually. “Kristof has his driver’s licence never met, as far as I know, he has never even behind a steering wheel sitting. Therefore, he does occasionally appeal to us, but actually, it’s not our job. It is time that he his drivers license gets”, what it sounds like.

To that clear message to the Green party leader from Rumst he spoke to the people of the hidden camera program ” What Will I Say?’. Tonight is the undoubtedly funny – confrontation aired on VTM.

‘How Shall I Say?’ was recently in the prices. The program of production house Shelter won the International Emmy Award for best Non-Scripted Entertainment’. It was already the third time that presenter Jens Dendoncker & co. the prestigious award home could take.

“How Will I Say this?” is every Monday to watch 20.35 hours on VTM.

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