Gordon: “Mama Tineke, I ADOREER you!’

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To Tineke de Nooij, Gordon owe everything. They may also be entitled to its discoverer, to be called.

After the death of her husband PETER IJKELENSTAM experience TINEKE DE NOOIJ (77) a sad time. At the beginning of October died, the elderly ex-surgeon that she is on her fiftieth birthday, married and with whom they have a long time in South Africa lived. The loss of Peter, she went back to that country where they are – before, after multiple strokes, was hit and in a nursing home ended up – were so happy.

“Hilversum is running out for the homage to one of the radio icons”

But now she is back and forth to work, because to stop in Hilversum, also with colleagues, wildly popular radiomaakster’t think. And JAN SLAGTER holds her with his Omroep MAX and her TinekeShow like to honor his memory. Already 56 years long talk with her still crystal-clear voice through a microphone.


In 1962 stepped Tineke as the first female dj on board the Veronica ship, and still she is on the radio, now on NPO Radio 5. But in the meantime they did more. In 1982, she started with middagtelevisie: she took her dog with me from home, to discuss a social topic, something luchtigs, something serious and gave attention to (her favourite)music. She was the first person to live in the afternoon in the kitchen in the program took. She pulled at that time, up to two million viewers and, therefore, the program was also an important springboard for young talent. One of the most famous who broke through with the help of Tinekes continued support, was GORDON. Time and again she pulled him back in the show because they believed in him, and found out that he was just a private place earned in the Dutch sterrencircus.


Earlier this year, she received the Honorary Silver Reissmicrofoon, and today honors the Picture and Sound Tinus with a festive tribute with all kinds of performances of, among others, Gordon and GERARD JOLING, and the unveiling of her portrait on the Wall of Fame.

“After 56 years, she sees no need to stop”


During that tribute looks presenter HANS SCHIFFERS together with The Nooij and (ex-)colleagues back at ten highlights from her career. Gordon is doing that this MORNING ALREADY ON the PAGE PRIVATE by her an open letter and thanking her for all her love. As an artist, who by her was discovered, but especially as a friend… For her is proving he is nothing less than a mother, a bonusmoeder…

Dear Tinus, or bonusmama,

“Today you will be honored, a tribute to a woman who is so much for me has meant. I see me in your office with a kippenpak, in the hope to persuade to my singeltje to run. What was critical, within a day I had a different version that is too crazy to be found and the rest is history. I am always grateful for everything and consider our friendship as perhaps the most important in my life. You fell on my voice, and proclaimed to anyone who wanted to hear. Tineke on Saturday afternoon, an iconic tv program and rarely equaled. Your radiotijdperk I have actually never noticed but you’re one of the country’s most beautiful voices, that was clear. I admire you so much for your energy and hunger to travel all over the world. I adoreer you for your unconditional love to your recently deceased Peter, I saw what love was and therefore I continue to believe.”

“How admirable it is that you on your 76th still moves to the top of the radiomaken and with how much fun your life is still interpretation. I know how sad the last few months have been and you sometimes desolate feel if your love of your life is no longer there. Know that I so much love you, we have so much laughter. You are my mother, o my heavens what a pleasure you together in Moscow with my Eurovision dream. I consider you, since my mom is no more, as my bonusmoeder and you like me, often you kunstkind calls. You have discovered me, you have taught me a lot, and I will in the length of days to tell you how fantastic I have found to be for you to hear.”

“Well-deserved respect in these times where others are to each other the light in the eyes not give, is this homage today to you. A bright spot and a beacon of hope that it really is to get someone to honor for what she has meant to our society. For me and you remain my mama and I hope that I have for a long time you may enjoy. Our love for South Africa only confirms more our friendship and, well, sometimes a bottle or six together, drink ’on the love’, which should be able to.”

I thank you with all my heart, dear.

In love and light,


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