Gijs Naber plays a key role in Bowie’s musical Lazarus

a5266a217f8b1725e04e906a732d3fd9 - Gijs Naber plays a key role in Bowie's musical Lazarus

NLD/Den Bosch/20180625 – Premiere Redbad,

Ivo van Hove, the production along with David Bowie and Workers Walsh created in New York, also goes to the Dutch production, directing. Lazarus goes on 13 October 2019 in premiere and three months in the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam.

“We look incredibly forward to Lazarus,” says producer Albert Verlinde. “Lazarus is a very special show, one of Bowie’s latest projects and a musical work of art. It is fantastic that Ivo van Hove, the production along with David Bowie, made the Dutch production, is directing.” Albert Verlinde describes the musical as “an unforgettable theatertrip by Bowie’s genius spirit.”

Framed with hits

Lazarus went in december 2015, premiered and was one of the last projects that David Bowie was working on. The performance is framed by his hits, including Heroes, Absolute Beginners, Changes, All the Young Dudes, ” This is Not America, and Lazarus, for the musical written and later released on Bowie’s last album, Blackstar.

David Bowie passed away on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69 from the effects of cancer.

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