Feyenoord takes fighting spirit hard to

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Summerville is a disciplinary suspension imposed after he was on the fist went with team-mate Mats Knoester (20). He is this year is not more in action for Feyenoord. When his suspension on 1 January expires, he leaves immediately on a rental basis. In addition, Summerville the maximum fine imposed in accordance with the contract possible and gives Feyenoord him a community service.

A week ago escalated between Summerville and Knoester. It came to a fight in the dressing room of the Team Under 19, the team of coach Dirk Kuijt. Summerville also got his brother there, who are also still in the scuffle to the mix.

Summerville is regarded as one of the greatest talents of the Locals. Feyenoord reports that he his punishment has to accept it. He also wants to reiterate its apologies to Knoester, his family and the cast of actors.

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