Ex-president of Barça died

026cac6e1d21b15ec92ff1fbc8d38122 - Ex-president of Barça died

Josep Lluis Nunez (left) and Carles Reixach

Nunez was from 1978 to 2000, the president of the Catalan club. In the period that Nunez was in charge, was FC Barcelona, a powerhouse in Europe. In 1992 the club won for the first time, the Europe Cup I. Ronald Koeman made in the final against Sampdoria deep in the extension the only goal.

The Spaniard died at the age of 87. Of Nunez was known that he had a get along with Johan Cruyff, who from 1988 to 1996 trainer of Catalan club. With Louis van Gaal, that he was in 1997 binnenhaalde, he could be a lot better.

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