EU peacekeeping mission in Georgia extended for two years

BRUSSELS – The mission of the European Union in Georgia is extended by two years. The budget to 14 december 2020 is set at more than € 38 million.

Georgian president Georgy Margvelashvili (r) in conversation with EU president Donald Tusk (l).

The civilian mission began in August 2008, after the war between Georgia and Russia and the security and stability in the country promote. Over two hundred observers to keep an eye on the ten year old peace agreement is respected.

Also they try the tensions between the parties and reduce hostilities to avoid, and build confidence. The observers manning a ’hotline’ in the case of incidents at the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The headquarters is located in the capital city Tbilisi, and there are three other offices in other places.

The netherlands produces between six and ten people to the mission.

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