Dutch positiviteitsgoeroe Emile Ratelband is, and remains, 69

2bf9ec18383ec0a1f4d9bbbdbea15561 - Dutch positiviteitsgoeroe Emile Ratelband is, and remains, 69

Positiviteitsgoeroe Emile Ratelband is, and will remain 69 years. The Dutch media personality should be of age, twenty years to bring down to the civil registry, as has the court in Arnhem decided today. The law gives no room and in addition see the court not give rise to new case law, according to the verdict.

Ratelband demanded last month to the court that in his passport that he, in march 1969, is born in place of 1949, because of this, according to him, reflect his feeling and his physical and mental condition.

The self-proclaimed ‘bewustzijnsverruimer’ is said to be suffering from its paper age, by age discrimination. He found that the change of age to compare with the change of gender, such as transgender people today, it is also allowed to do.

But the court does not go into his arguments and points out that the age of all kinds of rights and obligations are associated, such as voting rights and compulsory education. That is not the case with a change of the name or the gender. If the date of birth of twenty years is changed, then those years will also disappear in the registers of civil status. And that would be all kinds of undesirable legal and social consequences.

That people nowadays longer vital and fit feel, according to the court, no reason for a person’s date of birth to change. To discrimination on the basis of age, to denounce, there are also other ways than the adaptation of the birth certificate.

Also the appeal of Ratelband on the free will, sweeps the court of the table, because this is not so that everything you want should also can.

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