Dutch motivatiegoeroe to right, drew to 20 years younger, remains the same age

e4b1bc6834ad6c2a94ae66cf2528ba86 - Dutch motivatiegoeroe to right, drew to 20 years younger, remains the same age

The Dutch ‘positiviteitsgoeroe’ Emile Ratelband continues to 69 years of age. The tv figure went to the court to have his age officially twenty years to reduce it, but he got Monday to zero in on the petition. The court ruled that Ratelbands age in his passport, is maintained.

That Emile – tsjaka – Ratelband, the Dutch motivatiegoeroe annex bewustzijnsverruimer, a little crazy, was well known. But his latest stunt was quite remarkable. Ratelband wanted via the courts to obtain his official birth date is allowed to change. Ratelband is 69, but he feels at least 20 years younger. Therefore, it had to be that also recorded in his passport.

Ratelband felt truly that he has a case. The man in the 21st century is, after all, completely free identity. Even if man is born, can now wife. For the court, he declared previously that he is suffering under his official age. “I want to acknowledged that I am not good at feeling.’ And the consequences he takes happy to be there: he will not be entitled to claim a pension.

“Free to feel twenty years younger to feel’

The ‘bewustzijnsverruimer’, however, found no hearing with the court. Who ruled Monday that Ratelband his age in his passport will be retained. The district court sees in the arguments of Ratelband not lead to new case law. “Especially because of the age of all kinds of rights and duties, such as voting rights and compulsory education, are connected, and that by name – and geslachtswijziging is not so. That age limits would for the allocation of Ratelbands request their meaningless’, as you can read in the judgment.

‘It is Ratelband free to feel twenty years younger, to feel and to act accordingly’, according to the family court. ‘Adjustment of his date of birth would mean that there are twenty years to disappear in the registers of civil status. That would be all kinds of undesirable legal and social consequences. The importance of registers, correct factual information, it should come first.’

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