Drake responds with one-time sexual partner

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Drake and Layla were threatened with lawsuits. They are claimed by him to be raped and laden and demanded millions in exchange for her silence. Drake accused the Instagram model of extortion, emotional abuse, fraud, and defamation and demanded a compensation.

“The matter between Drake and Layla has been resolved”, was a lawyer of the singer know the New York Post. What the settlement actually means, is not published. According to the lawyer is agreed that Layla the stories about her night with Drake no more repeats.


Layla met Drake in February 2017, in Manchester, where the singer was in the context of his Boy Meets World Tour. After a concert had the two, by mutual consent, having sex in Drakes hotel room. A few months later claimed to be the woman in expectation. When Drake is not on her messages, responded, got them to the police with the story that Drake had been raped. The police dived in to the story and heard the singer, but came to the conclusion that Drake’s nothing wrong had been done. According to the singer demanded Layla then millions of zwijggeld, and then he to the right stepped.

“Drake and his team are pleased with this outcome,” says the lawyer. “He asks his fans and the media to create space, so that both parties can continue with their lives.”

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