Dog of death president Bush viral

WAHINGTON – A photo of the service dog of the deceased ex-president George H. W. Bush knows the hearts of thousands of Americans to hit.

Grieving Americans bring a final tribute at a statue of the deceased ex-president George H. W. Bush.

On the photo is Sully built for the coffin of this weekend on 94-year-old leeftijf death Bush. On the chest hangs an American flag. A tweet from Jim McGrath, a friend of the 41st president of the United States, read ’mission accomplished’ and it went quickly viral.

Jeb Bush, the son of the elder George, tweette that ” Sully the guard’.

The labrador was in June, the service dog of Bush. Sully accompanied the former president to Washington, where the funeral takes place. President Trump for Wednesday a national day of mourning announced.

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