Denmark, rejected asylum seekers on the island host

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minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg

Denmark wants to rejected asylum seekers and foreigners with crimes on their might host on the secluded island of Lindholm, in anticipation of their deportation.

The centre-right minority government and the rechtsnationalistische Danish people’s Party, which gedoogsteun supplies, about last Friday, reached an agreement.

“They are not welcome in Denmark, and they will feel it’, wrote the minister of Immigration Inger Stojberg on Facebook. On the small island are now laboratories, stables and a crematorium established a centre which conducts research into infectious and laboratory uses. Lindholm is located in an inlet of the Baltic Sea. There is boating but few ferry’s to go there.

No prison?

“We are going to the number of departures of ferries as much as possible, limit’, said a spokesman of the Danish people’s Party on the Danish television. “We are going to it as difficult and as expensive as possible.” According to Finance minister Kristian Jensen, the island is not a prison, but will anyone who is placed there also should be sleeping.

Is intended that the facilities for rejected asylum seekers in 2021 will open up. There will be a maximum of 100 can be accommodated. The migrants will every day have to report. They do not, they risk a prison sentence.

Stricter measures

The agreement was part of the annual negotiations on the budget in Denmark. The Danish people’s Party always require restrictions on migrants and refugees in exchange for its approval of the budget.

Denmark announced in late november that the rules for rejected asylum seekers should be tightened. “Now we tell people from the first day that they are not for the rest of their lives in Denmark. They only get temporary accommodation until they can return home can return, ” says DF-leader Peter Skaarup when.

‘More refugees would only temporarily in Denmark should remain in place permanently, ” she said in a statement from the ministry of Finance. In the draft budget was that criminal asylum seekers or asylum seekers whose asylum application was rejected in a village on the island of Lindholm to be found would be.

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