Crisisoverleg in Belgium migratiepact ’Marrakesh’

38692767f1e946fedc59d19cccc98d9e - Crisisoverleg in Belgium migratiepact ’Marrakesh’

BRUSSELS – Members of the Belgian government Monday afternoon meeting to review the UN-migratiepact to discuss. Prime minister Charles Michel hopes to find a solution for the criticism of some N-VA on the pact. The question allows for some time for a crisis. Some observers close to a fall of the government.

Jan Jambon, fierce opponent of the migratiepact.

Several European countries have already announced the pact next week in Marrakesh, not to support, because it is too inviting for migrants and their too many rights.,,A government which is to Marrakech, is a government that we do not support it,” said N-VA leader Bart De Wever earlier in the day.

A paper insert in the pact with the Belgian point of view for him is not an option. ,,We see this pact will not sit and will not approve.’ N-VA deputy prime minister Jan Jambon is the pact ,,problem”.

The other three statement are positive. In parliament Tuesday, a hearing was held in which experts, their view on the non-binding pact. In the pact are agreements to migration in the world in the right direction, and illegal migration to reduce.

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