Crisis at AZ: ’Eighth place is outrageous’

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John van den Brom, trainer AZ looks worried.

The final victory of the efficient Willem II was not even undeserved. It is now a crisis with a capital C in AZ, that after fourteen matches already ten points behind at number three Feyenoord. “You may as AZ being absolutely not on the eighth place,” approved captain Guus Lift. “That is outrageous.”

Director of football cases Max Huiberts went after the end of the duel to the supportershome to the membership for clarification. During the match against Willem II flocked the stands over for the time been empty. A part of the spectators cried several times that Van den Brom should ’go to hell’. “We understand their frustration,” said Huiberts after his visit to the house of the fans. “However, it was a small group that called for the departure of the trainer, said that the people in the supportershome also. Most of them understand that this is not only to Van den Brom, is due.”

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