Court rejects ’leeftijdsverlaging’: Ratelband remains 69 years

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Last year requested Ratelband at the registrar’s office for its age with twenty years of decrease, but was then also zero on the response.

The self-proclaimed ’bewustzijnsverruimer’ advocated, therefore, a month ago, the court in Arnhem that the change of age is not different than the change of gender, such as transgender people on their birth certificate. He claims to suffer from its paper age, by age discrimination.

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But also personalize a name or gender is not going without a fight, emphasized a gemeentewoordvoerder when. “Only if you can demonstrate that there is a large irregularity, it is possible. A birth extract customize can according to the civil code, not at all.”

Because Ratelband is much younger feel than he actually is, he demanded to the court that he was twenty years younger, is declared to be. “Not because I am afraid to grow old, but because I have a very long time to make the most of the life you want to enjoy. I say to my AOW pension.”

Unwanted consequences

The district court sees in the arguments of Ratelband also not lead to new case law to create and connecting with the statutory arrangements for change of name and geslachtswijziging. “Especially because of the age of all kinds of rights and duties, such as voting rights and compulsory education, are connected, and that by name – and geslachtswijziging is not so. That age limits would for the allocation of Ratelbands request their meaningless”, as you can read in the judgment.

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The court can see the trend in the society that people are still vital and fit the feeling, but sees it not as an argument to a person’s date of birth to match. “Ratelbands argument that he has charge of age discrimination has not made concrete. For the issue of ageism, there are other ways than adjusting the date of birth.”

Ratelbands appeal to the free will follows the court. That is, after all, not so far that everything you want should also can. “The state Ratelband free to feel twenty years younger, to feel and to act accordingly,” said the judge in family matters. “Adjustment of his date of birth would mean that there are twenty years to disappear in the registers of civil status. That would be all kinds of undesirable legal and social consequences. The importance of registers, correct factual information, must be of paramount importance.”


Worldwide reported in the media about his strange and unique request to ‘paper rejuvenation ” through this lawsuit. In the chic Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, where he is today from the international press word, he gave advance to a temporary injunction to be expected. “I think the judge wants me to proof that I am 49 and am not 69. And that I can.”

He and his lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers are prepared on request. “We have everything in order. I have medical records of various physicians on the basis of, inter alia, celdikte substantiate that I 20 years am younger than the age in my passport.”

The statement shows, however, no temporary injunction, but for a final judgment. The consequences for Ratelband seem therefore limited, at least in legal terms.

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