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Convert Heineken and Shell of the Netherlands on the F1 calendar?

f89478557406c97839444ad54520df9b - Convert Heineken and Shell of the Netherlands on the F1 calendar?

Return the Netherlands back on the F1 calendar? The question we ask ourselves more and more now, openly from the Formula 1 interest is for a possible F1 race in Zandvoort. The big question is whether the budget around is received and this is reported to be around 30 million euro is needed.

No, the Formula 1 returned to the Netherlands to get there will not be a large contribution of the public authorities in the Netherlands should be counted. There is more to the big Dutch multinationals are considered.

To Dutch companies that are already on the one or the other way to the Formula 1 is connected with the fact no lack of: Ziggo, Jumbo, Exactly, Randstad, Heineken and Shell. Though it seems especially these last two.

Ziggo may be a petition started to have Formula 1 back to the Netherlands to get, further than that it will probably not venture. Jumbo and Exact, would also not millions willing to spend, therefore, continue, especially Heineken and Shell.

“As a worldwide sponsor of the Formula 1, Dutch, company and fans of Max Verstappen, would Heineken and I think if after all these years, a Formula 1 race in the Netherlands is to be driven,” said John-Paul Schuirink, worldwide director of communications, compared to the Dutch AD. “We would have a Formula 1 race in the Netherlands certainly welcome.”

In addition, it would also Shell show interest to the Formula 1 to the Netherlands. Shell has for many years been active in the Formula 1, in particular through its cooperation with Ferrari, but as a British-Dutch company and would she like to contribute. In addition, it announced that Shell last summer that the three year sponsor of the circuit of Zandvoort, is calculated. the circuit in which a Dutch F1 race should continue.

It should be clear that the return of the Netherlands on the F1 calendar seems to be still more concrete, though it promises it is now mainly a matter of the necessary finance together get to be.

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