Cher learned her lesson about tweeting

542ad7c1489ba6685594ef21c0cb0c4b - Cher learned her lesson about tweeting


“Then it was not even my intention to have something wicked to say, but I found out that I had done that but everyone the hilarious found. And then I had a day very much followers in,” said the singer in a promo video for her Here We Go Again-tour.

In her first years on Twitter was Cher sometimes inimitable. As she turned occasionally to himself, to say hello, asked simply ” what happens to my career?’ or wrote without context about candy: ’Oh Shit, gummyberen.”

“I have a lot of mistakes made, because I had no idea what I was doing,” she says now of that time. “Until suddenly, all young people told me: no no no, do it this way, and do never so. I have learned my lesson and a crash course in how you should use it.” Large part of this is counting to ten until you get something post, says the singer, who’s 3.5 million followers on Twitter. “Sometimes you want to in the heat of battle to say something, but if you that sends out and you look at them, you think: why I found this a good idea?”

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