BOD-Steffi: I knew on the second day that Roel was the right one

“I am a hermit, has become, over the last 4.5 month. I did a cap and sunglasses on. The garage door was open when I arrived and immediately close again. I was really disguised,” says Roel to Omroep Brabant.

However, the stallion owner from Boekel also the benefits of a relationship behind the scenes. “You learn each other to know very well. It would be for any relationship to do well to you three months behind the curtains to close because you have only each other and the rest may not know. You want to be happy about, but that can’t be.”

Looking back at the love affair in the program says Steffi that they’re actually fairly quickly knew that they are her prince charming without the horse had found. “When we had a conversation on a suit of straw on the second day, I thought, ‘shit happens here more than the rest’. I still had the need to myself. When is the spark skipped,” says Steffi.

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