Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen: who pays the price for our luxury?

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In the new series Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen traveling Karine Claassen, along with six young people to Asia and Africa, where they experienced how our premium products can be made. The series shows their travelogue on this particular tour, and follows the events through their eyes. Together with Karine, they are immersed in the world of people who work very hard for what we have in Flanders, of course.

The young people working and living together with the workers and farmers who work day and night for our luxury, they discover who our cheap T-shirts, sew, and circumstances in which shrimp are grown, how hard the life of a cocoa farmer is and how much people are earning with mining of gold.

The six are children of famous Flemish people, with the problems and questions of every other Flemish young: Beau, Marie, Milan, Britt, Zion, and Celeste. They have the age to which they (study)in the direction in their life and plenty of about their own future to think about. The guests let themselves immerse in a reality where our society is easy for the eyes to close. That has not only on them a great effect. Because Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen is about all of us: about our own luxeleven and about our own ignorance.

Karine Claassen outlines the context and talk with the six young people: what goes on in them? What is them? What do they think of the events? The trip is a real eye-opener for the entire tour group. But the journey is also full of warmth and zest for life, of the people they meet. The stories of their colleagues and host families get the young people time and time again.

The first stop on the journey is Sri Lanka. Here the group is to work in a textile factory that clothing for the Western market. The working pressure is high, the foremen in the factory are very strict and the workers are treated poorly. The group can’t believe what the monotonous work is ultimately to reward results.

Blood, sweat & luxeproblemen is a confrontational journey, where the travelling party peers to meet in a very different world, to be born. In the series we get a unique look behind the scenes of industries that normally are closed.

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