Bizarre case: lawyer drug at the same time, police-informant

MELBOURNE – Numerous convictions of, among others, heavy criminals in Australia are challenged by a scandal in the state of Victoria. Australian media reported that the government investigate a bizarre case in which a prominent criminal lawyer drug defense, and at the same time, secretly a police informant was.

The police and the media call the woman by name.

It comes to a woman who is as ’informant 3838’ in the years 2003-2009 as a lawyer topcriminelen in the city of Melbourne defended. In 2010, she received approximately 1.8 million of the police force of the state. The police and the media call the woman by name.

Last month, turns out the Australian supreme court in a case behind closed doors have concluded that in this scandal involved police officers is reprehensible and incompatible with their obligations is drawn up. In the prosecution of the suspects, the basic principles of the stafrecht violated.

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