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Bad news for Beerschot Wilrijk: Jorn Vancamp torn cruciate ligament and stands for long period of rehabilitation

Beerschot Wilrijk will for a long time without Jorn Vancamp. The 20-year-old attacker tore his anterior cruciate ligament in the top match against KV Mechelen Friday night, and is so for a months-long rehabilitation.

Vancamp made the news itself known on his Instagrampagina. “What a pussy!! Anterior cruciate ligament torn. I will work diligently to as quickly as possible and 100% restored back to stand on the sacred turf of the keel!! Thanks everyone for the support. Success to the team in the battle for promotion, I will be supporter number 1”.

Messoudi on the mat

Mohamed Messoudi was on Monday summoned by the Reviewcommissie. That decided to let him continue by the Bondsparket, now Tuesday. In the game against KV Mechelen, he informed an elbow strike from after the subbing. Referee Wesley Alen rebuked Messoudi during the match with yellow, but now the midfielder is still a suspension fear.

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