Ariana replaces tattoo Pete by tribute Mac

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Ariana Grande

Since last summer, stood at the foot of Ariana the number 8418 tattooed, the number of the brandweerbadge of the father of Pete. Scott Davidson came to rescue during the attack on 9/11.

In the clip let Ariana see that the place where that accolade once captured, now the name Myron. According To E! is that the name of the dog of Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex, who in september died after an overdose.

Pete and Ariana were lost in the few months that they were together quite a lot of tattoos convert to celebrate their love. Since their break-up in October, they both have multiple visits to a tattooist brought to lichaamsversieringen to adapt. Unintentionally, they were there also and again corresponding tattoos: Pete left the konijnenoortjes, a well-known look of Ariana, behind his ear to turn it into a black heart. Ariana dropped the name Pete of her finger to remove it, but opted also for a heart in the color black.

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