Amrabat: “Two weeks ago, I was still a bargain’

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Sofyan Amrabat is ecstatic after his goal against Standard Liege and shoot his Club Brugge to a 3-0 victory.

The start of Amrabat at his new club has not started as he had hoped. He had to be especially from the bank watching and hoping for a few invalbeurtjes. Now that is different. Amrabat got this weekend a chance in the basiselftal of trainer Ivan Leko, and that he grabbed with both hands. “Amrabat has a very bad period, yet he works hard every day at training and now he has his chance seized”, says Leko enthusiastic about his player.

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The 22-year-old has had a big share in the resounding 3-0 victory of Club Brugge at Standard Liege. Amrabat took the third goal for his account. “I am extremely happy for him, but the whole team was good. Today was the day of Club Brugge. If we play in the play-offs, we are a titelkandidaat”, says Leko, relieved against the Belgian het Nieuwsblad.

The current good shape of Amrabat is a little bit falling out of the sky. He was already fully depreciated. “Two months ago, I was still a bargain, now not more,” says Amrabat who will wait patiently for his chance continued to wait. “In the beginning of the season played anyone good, as a coach, you can’t just switch and so I had to wait a long time. If you get the chance you should go there and luckily I got that.”

Not only the trainer of the ex-Feyenoorder is enthusiastic about Amrabat, and his teammates begin more and more to believe in him. “We all know what he can do. He has so much talent and adapted itself very quickly. That you see rarely”, says Benoît Poulain.

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Old-following his departure to chelsea Stefano Denswil was also. The defender opened in the seventh minute the score. By the three points in your own home to keep climbing Club Brugge into second place with four points behind leader KRC Genk.

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