Additional performances for succesmusical Evita

7bf4eeae732de8519d62f15975271f6f - Additional performances for succesmusical Evita

Brigitte Heitzer in her role as Evita, during the premiere of the eponymous musical in theater Carré.

In a total of more than 75,000 people Evita seen. The musical tells about the life of Evita Duarte, who in the forties, the first lady of Argentina when she married Juan Peron. The multi award-winning production includes the world famous song Don’t cry for me Argentina.

It is the fourth time that a Dutch-language adaptation of the piece is created. Previously, this happened in 1987 (when with Vera Mann), in 1995 (when with Pia Douwes) and in 2007 (with Brigitte Heitzer).

The main characters are this time played by Brigitte Heitzer, Rene van Kooten, based virtual Dekker and Paul Donkers. The performance is in any case until the end of 2019 across the uk.

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