Yellow bibs set requirement for conversation with French prime minister

892fc7066e817d62bc4e7c9c74f54e91 - Yellow bibs set requirement for conversation with French prime minister

The yellow vests are only prepared to talk with the French prime minister Edouard Philippe as the increase of the taxes on fuel to be reversed. That says Jacline Mouraud, one of the leaders of the movement in France. Philippe must be in command of president Macron establish conversations with the demonstrators and the political responsible.

In France, the yellow vests are a ‘sine qua non’ is formulated, which first must be met before they are willing to talk with the French prime minister Edouard Philippe. “The increase of the taxes on fuel undo’, according to that condition. That says yellow vests-aanvoerster Jacline Mouraud to the French news agency AFP. Would normally Philippe Monday all start with the dialogue, at the request of president Macrondie after the destruction of Saturday, ministers and safety stop bijeenriep for an emergency session.

Mouraud confirms, meanwhile, that she indeed was contacted by the office of the prime minister. They say they are willing to be at his official residence to go, on the condition that the government to go back on the tax increases on fuel from 1 January’. “We are going for meeting together to present our proposals to refine, but the continuation of the movement will be determined by the intentions of the government to the people.’

The violence that Saturday committed was in Paris, Mouraud ‘to regret’. But: “The government takes us clearly not serious’, she says. The demonstration of Saturday escalated to violence on ‘unprecedented scale’, according to the police. There were 412 people arrested, “a level that in the last decades never reached,” says politieprefect Michel Delpuech during a press conference. The Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz mentions that some unseen. Among the arrests were 33 minors, he said. ‘The public prosecutor has never been such a large number of people stopped should manage.’


The 51-year-old Mouraud, coming from Brittany, became known in France with a video about the fuel prices that viral went. Sunday, she has published eight other spokespersons of the ‘free yellow vests’ a call in the Journal du dimanche that they have the ‘government a way out of the crisis ” proposals and a list of requirements to enumerate.

The requirements include the opening of the states-general of taxation, a national social conference and the cancellation of the heavier covering.

Friday, there was a first meeting between a delegation of the yellow bibs and Philippe, but that turned out to be a failure. Only two yellow vests were present, of whom again immediately to the outside got.

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