Woman (35) after finding a dead baby between old clothing

Duisburg – The German police have a 35-year-old woman from Duisburg held, because they may have two babies to life has brought. One of the babylijkjes was last month found in a Polish kledingsorteercentrum.

A German clothes container.

Between the collected clothes, coming from Duisburg, met with employees of the sorting centre in the Polish town of Kielce on november 17, a dead baby. The local police, the girl has Mia mentioned. So reports the German newspaper Bild.

The German police picked up the case big and went with sniffer dogs along with the 470 clothing recycling bins in Duisburg. The police eventually came, thanks to tips from witnesses, the 35-year-old woman.


In the night from Friday to Saturday, the entire house of the women searched, which was won by a second corpse was discovered. The little body of the baby was wrapped in bloody sheets and plastic bags. From a statement revealed that the 35-year-old woman is the mother of the baby. It is not yet clear whether she also is the mother of baby Mia.

From police investigations revealed that both children around the same time would be born. According to the Polish justice would be baby Mia independently have time to breathe. It is still unclear whether the girl was still alive at the time that they are in the clothes container was thrown. This must be between 31 October and 8 november have been.

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