Wolter Kroes sings through to after his retirement

“Tuesday, I’m thirty years in the profession. I was not at all silent until my manager said, ’Walter, you’re in 1988 began”. Then you’re going to count and think. When I was Carré. With the emphasis on should, because itís not just in,” says Wolter on the sidewalk in front of ’the most beautiful theatre in the Netherlands’.

The entire repertoire of the singer is wed night is over. “I am going to be 36 playing songs, from the teddy Bear to my new single We go by. I have 180 songs recorded in thirty years time. I must ensure that I have all the songs, again know well, but as soon as the music begins to play come the texts to emerge again and you know just again, also the texts of thirty years ago.”

Great radio stations

The singer stands for the first time in Carré. “That is very special, this is a dream. Not because of the number of people inside, 1800 men, because there are larger rooms. But it is just the location, the ambiance.” And it doesn’t stop there. “Because Carré in 2.5 minutes was sold out, we will be going to the AFAS Live, on 30 march, with even more fireworks and spectacle. Then I may go back to the hall that I was already five times previously have sold out. That feels like coming home.”

Wolter began thirty years ago with singing on a crate on the Dam square in Zaandam. “I’m bottom started. I have been in the toilets of pubs are changing, and in the bierhokken, but I was also at Ahoy. With trial and error, I have thirty years of fun in this box,” says the Viva Hollandia-singer.

That the genre of Wolter Kroes little or not on the major radio stations to hear, wouldn’t bother him. “It is what it is. If radio stations us do not want to run it, & grandkids for christmas and SterrenNL the exception, then you have just other ways to do that.” So scored Wolter last year’s hit last Night with the boys of StukTV. Now, that number is already 3.1 million views on YouTube. Wolter: “as a Result I got a lot of youthful audience.”

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