Vertonghen weakling in lost stadsderby

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Jan Vertonghen should be in the final with red of the field.

Arsenal came in the tenth minute lead. Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen made hands in his own penalty box and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang took advantage of the awarded penalty kick: 1-0.

Penalty Kane

The home team got plenty of opportunities, but the goal fell on the other side. Eric Animal headed touch from a free-kick from Christian Eriksen. Completely against the ratio was Tottenham a few minutes later even before. Harry Kane took advantage of a penalty kick, awarded after Rob Holding Spurs attacker Heung-min Son light had touched.

After peace took Arsenal still the profit. Aubameyang shot in the 56th minute, touch and substitute Alexandre Lacazette put the visitors in the 75th minute lead. Two minutes later, decided Lucas Torreira duel: 4-2.

Red Vertonghen

For Vertonghen it was the suffering have not suffered: with his second yellow card, he had prematurely from the field. Arsenal passes by Tottenham in the rankings and is now fourth.

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