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UEFA confirms: third European competition is there from 2021

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The European football body UEFA has reached an agreement on the start of a third European tournament for club teams. From the season 2021-2022 going to that new tournament, in addition to the already existing Champions League and Europa League, of start. At the event, the “League 2”, 32 clubs. The races will also be on Thursday night reeling.

* Third of Europe League to the new league

The new competition will be played with 32 teams divided in eight groups of 4. The Europa League, today at 48, is also reduced from 48 to 32 teams. Though this new ‘League 2’, the working title of this competition, also a safety net for the third of each group in the Europa League. There is an additional knockout round was introduced after the group stage. Contained therein the numbers of three out of the Europa League against the numbers two from the new league, and a spot to compete in the 1/8th finals.

* No direct Belgian EL-ticket more

All countries retained the same number of European tickets. For Belgium there are at this moment five. Will continue to do so. It is the direct ticket to the group stage of the Europa League road. Specifically, the tickets from the start of the new league divided as follows (as Belgium ninth remains on the ranking):

Champion: group stage Champions League

– Second: third preliminary round Champions League

– Cup winner: play-offs Europa League

– Third: third qualifying round Europa League 2

– Fourth: second qualifying round Europa League 2

* Competitions to 16.30 hours

The matches of the new league will be just like that of the Europa League on Thursday organized. But, there will be an extra hour of playing. At 16.30 hours. There will be from 2021 so every Thursday for three matches after each other on television can be shown.

* Finals week

All finals of the European club championships are starting in 2021 in the same week. On Wednesday, the final of the Europe League 2, on Thursday the Europa League and on Saturday the Champions League final. The winner of the new competition will get a ticket for the Europa League the season after that.

“The new UEFA clubcompetitie makes the UEFA club competitions more inclusive than ever before. There will be more contests for more clubs, with more associations will be represented in the group stage,”said UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. “There was a great demand from the clubs for their odds to increase to European football to play. This is achieved with a strategic approach and in accordance with the objective of UEFA to have both more quality and more inclusiveness in our club competitions.”

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