Trump expected meeting with Kim in early 2019

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump expected in January or February back to the table to sit with Kim Jong-un. He told journalists that looked at three possible locations for his second meeting with the North Korean dictator.

The men met earlier this year for the first time.

The men met earlier this year for the first time. They talked, in a historic summit in Singapore off work to make denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. “We can do it well with each other. We have a good relationship,” said Trump after the G20 summit aboard Air Force One.

The appointments that are made in Singapore still have to be worked out and that process is difficult. Vice-president Mike Pence said last month against NBC News that the North Koreans prior to the second summit with Trump and Kim still does not list the need to deliver all of their nuclear weapons.

Pence stressed, however, that the second summit with the leaders to develop a concrete plan to deliver. That plan should include the decommissioning of all nuclear weapons and for inspections in North Korea.

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