Tens of thousands of ’klimaatmars’ by Brussels

bf074eb7e43f038478bb8b18840f90db - Tens of thousands of ’klimaatmars’ by Brussels

BRUSSELS – A protest march for a better climate policy has about 65,000 people on the leg is placed in Brussels. The opkomstcijfer is an estimate of the Belgian police. The procession went from the north station in the capital to the Cinquantenaire park, where speeches and performances were held.

According to Belgian media is the largest ’klimaatmars’ in Belgium ever. The meeting is not by accident just before the start of the international summit on climate change, which Monday officially opened in Katowice, Poland. World leaders and scientists want concrete measures to agree to the warming of the earth to limit to a maximum of 2 degrees and preferably 1,5 degree.

The public transport worked on the high rise railway company nmbs / SNCB had for the occasion a special ticket of 5 euro for people who come to the capital wanted. The public TRANSPORT in Brussels itself was free.

In the run-up to the UN climate change conference in more European cities demonstrates. As argued Saturday, tens of thousands of people in Berlin and Cologne for the climate and against the use of stone and brown coal as an energy source. In total, there according to the organizers 36.000 people.

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