Team building Scottish team runs completely out of hand

Trainer Gary Caldwell

He made his selection, namely, to be kidnapped by a British special unit. The day began nice, then the players received with a guided tour of them, and the equipment of the unit were allowed to watch. “We thought that this was the way it was,” said striker Kris Doolan at BBC Scotland. That turned out to be allesbehave to be the case.

The attacker continues: “Suddenly there appeared three buses. We had to and were in three different groups dropped in several locations. There were checkpoints and you had to get from one to the other run. And that layers of kilometres from each other. And at each checkpoint there was an activity going on. And you had to do what you’re told.”

True agony

It was a true agony for the selection. “We walked with heavy wood on our backs, both hill as a hill, and in addition, with 20 litres of water. You didn’t specify because then you let your team down.” When ’hell’ eíndelijk passed seemed for the first team of Partick Thistle, appeared the next surprise on the horizon.

“I could hardly myself standing keep, so tired was I,” says Doolan. “All of a sudden we were back in the vans jumping ,we were all screaming told. Five minutes later we were by the guests with masks on, the ground wasp. We were blindfolded and had earplugs on. They were very rough, for us this was a very new experience, virtually. They dragged us around the room, while we don’t saw.”


And that was some of the players too much. So fled the former Young Belgium player Bric Ntambwe. At least, that he tried, because there were four men of the special unit to take him down to stop. Attacker Jack Storer (20), broke down and could not dry. He broke into tears.

After the agony came to an end, explained trainer Caldwell from where the day had gone, according to Doolan. “The trainer had the comfortable from the uncomfortable’. The army base was definitely uncomfortable, but we all have found a way to cope with it. We have emerged stronger.”

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