Tatyana Beloy has a sexy image

The Newspaper asks Tatyana Beloy or not, have the hand inside of her sexy image to maintain. Google her name and the first thing you will encounter is: “Tatyana Beloy from the clothes in Ghent-West” and “Tatyana Beloy topless on holiday”. “Ah, the Belgian preutsheid! Wouldn’t it be weird to be in a women’s prison (where Ghent-West place, ed.) the women in the bathrobe in the shower”, says Beloy. “Okay, I play there also sex scenes. I have talked with my manager and my sister. ‘Would I do that?’ But I’m going to have such a beautiful role, therefore, not to let go of. And we have tattoos on my breasts to put a little less explicitly. If they are there then cut them out, and online throw, I can’t do much about that, eh? And that holiday, there was no plan behind that, you know.’

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