Stuff Playboy-founder auctioned off in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – A typewriter of Hugh Hefner has more than 162.000 dollar (more than 143.000 euros) completed on an auction in Los Angeles. There offered fans and collectors stuff of the Playboy founder, who last year died at the age of 91.

Hugh Hefner on archive view off 2011 with ’Playmate’ Crystal Harris, with whom he tied the knot would steps. Harris decided at the last moment, however, of the marriage.

At the auction at Julien’s Auctions went under the more well known garments of Hefner under the hammer. A white kapiteinspet exchanged for more than 19.000 dollar owner, a red smokingjasje provided 41.600 dollar. Comedian Jim Belushi explained more than 3100 dollars on the table for the script of an episode of Saturday Night Live in 1977 is presented by Hefner.

The object of the most produced was the typewriter. Hefner used that device to copy to write for the first Playboy in 1953, is released. Further paid someone 22.400 dollar for a letter from feminist Gloria Steinem to Hefner. She is undercover as ’Playboy Bunny’ at a nightclub Hefner, and wrote a critical article about it.

The proceeds, according to the auction house to the foundation of the Playboy founder. The Hugh M. Hefner Foundation was founded in 1964 to work for civil liberties.

A white kapiteinspet exchanged for more than 19.000 dollar owner.

A red smokingjasje provided 41.600 dollar.

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