Short film festival Leuven opens with world premiere directorial debut Ish Ait Hamou

In the PIECE in Leuven is Saturday, the 24th edition of the short film Festival Leuven started with world premieres of ‘Clamp’, the directorial debut of dancer and choreographer Ish Ait Hamou, and of ‘Blight’, the first professional work of Raphaël Crombez. The Festival runs from 1 to 8 december.

‘Clamp’ with Veerle Dobbelaere and Nasrdin Dchar in the lead roles, is based on the novella “If someone loses that you can’t lose” that Ish Ait Hamou, in 2014, wrote for a campaign To Fool? !. The short film tells the story of a chance meeting on the train between the former surgeon Els and the Palestinian refugee Sulayman, who each talk about their trauma. Els could as a surgeon and the life of her husband, who was struck by a brain tumor, not save; Sulayman lost in a bombing in Gaza, his wife and two children. At the end of the movie, ‘take’ both protagonists meet again in an operating theatre.
In ‘Blight,’ says Crombez the story of a couple that discovers that their daughter is in contact with water, miraculous gifts.
Both short films are selected for the Flemish League Fiction. There is the short film Festival of Leuven -which this year focused on Poland – a European Competition for which the organisers more than 1,700 entries received. The winners of the Flemish and European jury award to arrive on the longlist for the Oscars. The festival jury nominates in addition, one film for the European Film Awards. At the closing, it reaches the VAF traditional four ‘Wildcards’ to students of Flemish film schools that promising projects made.

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