Set by grid cases engagement ring back

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NEW YORK – A couple their engagement ring lost in Times Square in New York has this back again. When the nervous man and his girlfriend Saturday to marriage early, it went horribly wrong. He dropped the piece accidentally in the grid fall.

The set celebrates the ring back.

The alarmed police succeeded in the first instance, not the ring. The set dripped, but the agents were there and knew the ring still off the grid. Only the officers had no data of the set.

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Then did the NYPD a call on Twitter to get in contact with the man and woman. That call was more than 20,000 times from the movie of the call of 3.8 million views.

Case closed

And with result, because the New York police reported Sunday around 14.00 hours local time that John and Daniella were found. As evidence is posted the police photo of the two with a glass of wine and beer in the hand: Thank you, Twitter. Case closed.

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