Robben: ’you Can only lose, when you return to the Netherlands’

Arjen Robben

“Stop is so definitive,” says the vleugelflitser compared to the NOS. “There is quite a lot in my head. I also notice that the home often is and I also notice that it is very difficult. All considerations and all the options are still open. I would honestly say if I knew it already.”

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Critical approach

Robben knows that he is at a return to the Netherlands, critical will be approached. “I can only lose. If you’re playing well, it is normal and if it is less, I can not more. I must admit that to me on set. To not stop, I must be 100 percent certain to make the right choice”, says Robben.

“Then it must really be something where I want to go and so much pleasure out of them. My wife and children should also to the sentence, because my family is always on one.”


The coming months should his plans take shape. “I’m in no rush, but will also not to the last to wait.”

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