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Red Lions show at hockey world cup at agile India, but drag still point out the fire

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At the hockey world cup in India, the Red Lions 2-2 gelijkgespeeld against host India. The Belgian hockeymannen played an excellent first half and topped off early with a penalty corner. After the break, it took India the match in the hands and in the third quarter followed the deserved equalizer, also on a penalty corner. In the last quarter stoomden the Indians by and Simranjeet scored the 2-1. India seemed on their way to the profits and an option on the group’s profit, but in the final came the Belgians still alongside: 2-2. India has the best papers for the group’s profit and direct qualification.

After the victory in the first match against Canada waited with India is a much higher ranked opponent on the Red Lions. But the Belgians took a very good start and forced in the first five minutes immediately two strafcorners, without success however. Third time good time then, thought Hendrickx, and he pegelde do inside: 1-0.

The Lions dominated the first quarters, the balbezitpercentage of 62% halfway spoke volumes. India came there but struggling to pull itself out, Belgium had to lead in depth. Especially Bean and lacked sharpness in the finish and hit the pole.

India boss after peace

After the break we got a very different wedstrijdbeeld. India was clearly shaken up during the peace and quiet and hustle and bustle of Belgium against the own goal. Vanasch its class to show an attempt by Harmanpreet from the square. On the counter-attack caused Charlier to the gevleide 0-2 pushing it, and the Belgians paid that cash. India got two strafcorners in a row, the second was good. Harmanpreet put the equalizer on the board.

India smelled blood and in the fourth quarter stoomden them, and they came on ahead. After a splitting action on the left had Simranjeet but pushing it. Hey hometown audience at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar in ecstasy, the Red Lions had in the chase. A defeat should our compatriots as well as certainly a cross on the group’s profit and directly qualifying for the quarter finals and so took coach McLeod anything at all. Vanasch to the side, Luypaert as a flying keeper.

The move paid off, because shortly after that, immediately fell at the end. India forgot to defend, Gougnard benefited optimally, and brought the position back into balance. Belgium went out for the victory and continued with a flying goalkeeper play, but there was no longer scored. The 2-2 tie remained India group leader. Hey host country won his openingsmatch with 5-0 of South Africa, while Belgium, Canada ‘only’ 2-1 to the side,.

“First place will be hard”, according to Red Lion Arthur De Sloover

The Belgian hockeymannen (FIH-3) have Sunday 2-2 gelijkgespeeld against India (FIH-5) at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Indian Bhubaneswar. The Red Lions remain with this result, in the running for direct qualification to the quarter-finals, India is still the leader, thanks to a better goal difference. “It will be difficult to top of their group,” estimated Arthur De Sloover the Belgian opportunities in.

“We are the tough match against India is very strong started. In the first half we had the match under control. But afterwards came to India under the impetus of the hometown audience under steam. They switched to man-to-man, so that in the third quarter really have apart. The positive is that we fought to a draw in the fire drag”, analyzed De.

The world CHAMPIONSHIPS take sixteen countries, divided into four groups of four. Each group champion punch directly through to the quarter finals, the numbers two and three play barragewedstrijden for a place in the last eight. “It will be difficult to have as group winners from the group to come,” says the youngest, the Red Lion at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The host country is thanks to the doelpuntensaldo better for it. “We will be a good match to play against South Africa.”

When Thomas Briels was the disappointment great. “We wanted India really beat. We got after the victory against Canada four days of rest and time for the duel to prepare for. We were very well prepared and did well in the first half. In the second half, surprised the Indians to us. They came under the pressure. A draw was a logical result”, said the captain of the Red Lions.

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