Radio Gaga scores international

In The Morning, tells Joris Hessels about the international success of Radio Gaga. That program was also in the foreign countries proposed. “We were sitting on the second row in a large conference room. Five minutes before the start of our broadcast, there was almost nobody, but gradually druppelden there are some people inside. When our episode about Pellenberg (rehabilitation centre, red.) started, I dared not to look back. I felt, however, that there have been more people sat, and that the people were laughing and still were at the right moments. At the end erupted a huge applause loose. We were right, for questions from the audience to answer, and that room was packed, there were even people on the ground. Everyone applauded. Better than that is not for me, I think. Afterwards, they have Radio Gaga in various countries, including Japan. Everywhere they chose a thick and Kristof Calvo-like figure.”

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