Putin and Trump talking on the sidelines of the G20

BUENOS AIRES – In the corridors of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires Russian president Vladimir Putin and his Us counterpart Donald Trump Saturday briefly talked about the tense situation in the Strait of Kerch.

At the G20 greeted Putin, the Saudi crown prince Bin Salman. Trump looks in the background.

“I have his question answered”, said Putin Saturday night against journalists. “He has his opinion on these topics. I’ve had mine.”

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Bin Salman on the side taken at G20

Trump said last week an official meeting with Putin, after Russia, in the narrow strait in The Crimea three ships of the Ukrainian navy had intercepted and the crews had caught taken. Putin called this a pity, because he and Trump had wanted to talk about disarmament, trade and the situation in Syria and Afghanistan.

“We have about all these topics have,” he said. “I hope that meeting comes, as the Americans are ready for it.”

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